A rather unexplored territoty: the Process

Majority of focus in the studies in Genetics and Biology is on product of translation and lately transcription. There are numerous studies on how a mutation changes a transcribed protein’s structure and how this could lead to a disease phenotype. As RNA folding came to view, there was a few studies looking into aspects of RNA folding and its effects on existence or abundance of the final product, the protein. Overall, so much focus is directed at the product, the importance of the process itself and its scope is almost forgotten in most of hypothesis forming!


This has started to change lately due to a few ground breaking findings. 80% of GWAS found SNPs, which are associated with diseases, are out of protein coding sequences. If one wants to focus on the product, not much can be gained from analysis these loci. So what can be done? Maybe a shift from the product to process can explain some of these and of other unexplained phenomena. Small RNAs, ncRNAs and some of the multitasking entities, like some members of Argonaute and CHD families, present us with amazing potential to tap into this rather unexploited realm.