The story of Science and multidisciplinary studies

Once upon a time, there was man and a mass of unknown. Man’s life was affected and sometimes shattered to pieces by the unknown. So some turned to faith and mythical creatures to… Continue reading

Why natural selection have not acted against gay guys?

It is still controversial whether one’s sexual attraction is defined by nature or nurture. Since American Psychiatric Association eliminated homosexuality from their list of Psychological Disorders and in 1975, it is the nature… Continue reading

A rather unexplored territoty: the Process

Majority of focus in the studies in Genetics and Biology is on product of translation and lately transcription. There are numerous studies on how a mutation changes a transcribed protein’s structure and how… Continue reading

Looking for a reliable partner? Look for the shy guys ;)

Looking for a reliable partner? Look for the shy guys 😉 Well, at least shown in birds! Bold birds would go for quantity rather than quality in their relationships, sounds too familiar? 🙂… Continue reading

Making the first step …

This is my first blog post! I am a PhD student, in Bioinformatics. Here I post my endeavours in crossing the long bridge between computer science and Biology. Also as many of you,… Continue reading